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SILA 750

Touch the Sky

Part of AeroEast’s gamma is dedicated to the Heavy Duty models such as the SILA 750. The models 750S, 750C, 750Agri and SILA 750MT (ambulance) starting from the 100Hp Rotax are available up to the 160Hp Lycoming and they are conceived for several different applications such as pilot training (flights schools), sport flying, aero photo-shooting, aero-photogrammetry, border/areas/infrastructures surveillance, environmental protection, aerial spraying, search and rescue, banner and glider towing and more including the Medical Transport when this is allowed.

One of those different applications is Aerophotogrammetry a fundamental mission and an important waypoint in the aerial work. The special cameras used in Aero photogrammetry are very expensive (up to 2.000.000,00Eu) and also really heavy (200Kg)! One of the first planes used in Serbia in Aerophotogrammetry has been the SILA 750C one the light aircraft used for air work purposes with this specific mission.

In addition to the models SILA 750 there is also the version SILA 750MT three places wich is in fact an air ambulance.

To return to the Heavy Duty concept the idea is that of light airplanes being able to carry a big load of devices with at least the power of a Rotax 912ULS, this in line with the SILA philisophy: airplanes able to face any kind of severe work condition maintaining an acceptable low price profile as well as low costs of maintenance and consumption.

In fact SILA are robust highly performance airplanes capable to operate in the most severe and hard situations, no matter of extra size pilots, heavy baggage, wind, rain and non prepared fields.

Aerophotogrammetry is a good test bench for any aircraft and the SILA 750 has been widely used for this mission in which cameras are mounted on gyroscope platforms with independent slave motors, all this heavy complex system requires space and performance in terms of carrying capacity.

SILA 750 is, above all , a Plane for cruising in line with the designer idea of creating a comfortable long range flier maintaining a speed of 105 KTS (190 Km/h with 75% of power) with a flight trim very stable even in presence of turbulence; its range is over 1000 Km(with additional tanks up to 40-60% more).

SILA 750 is characterized by luxurious and fully sized proportions as well as an extraordinary flying stability, the comfort, resulting from the great size of the craft, is evident in consideration of the wide cockpit (L 122 x h 113) and of the complete absence of vibrations. The flight is stable and precise. As concerning long range cruising flights it is possible to load and stow luggage up to 75 Kgs in the designated space.