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Our History

The Company Aero-East-Europe has its head offices and settlements in Kraljevo, exactly in the same place where the famous bombers DO17 and Breguet 19 were produced.

Born from the enthusiasm and love of flying, the company started as a subcontractor for the assembling of the “MXP” branded models for an Italian company.

It was so that a company rose within the deep rooted aeronautical tradition characterizing the well-known technical Serbian knowledge in the aircraft realization and designing.

The qualified technicians working in Aero-East-Europe are in fact all experienced people with a previously consolidated professional background. Later on and thanks to the cooperation with important members of the university environment, the Company implemented and finally developed the new SILA series (Serbian Industry of Light Aircrafts).


AeroEastEurope means the most recent technology in terms of safety, power reserve & weight/power, effectiveness, range, low fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Every one of the aircraft realized by Aero-East-Eruope d.o.o. is characterized by luxurious and fully sized proportions as well as by their extraordinary flaying stability. Our airplanes have also important value of range and endurance : flying means of course to cruise far away. Above all, planes indeed for cruising must be comfortable and long range fliers must keep in account to maintain a speed of almost 100 KTS (190 Km/h with 75% of power) and a flight trim very stable even in presence of turbulence (ranges over 1000 Km).

The complete gamma of aircraft produced under JAR – PART 21 VLA & 23 GA: From the lightest of 450Kg MTOW to the heaviest 4 places of 950Kg MTOW, from the Ultralight (RPL licence 2 places) to the GA (PPL licence – 3 places, medical transport, 4 places, utility, agro and multipurpose).

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